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June 16, 2005


Wong Bater

is it not possible their sever has incorrect date when it send the original item?

William T-P

Wong Bater: No, in addition to the dates there are various clues in the content of the email that it was sent around then including the format of the output and the address and other details in the footer.


I hate yahoo's email systems. They make life hell for admins.


This is why I only use my yahoo email for spam. My real email is on gmail or aol. Yahoo sucks.


I can't help but feel it might have been better if you'd sent a link to a rick astley video... but then again rick rolling hasn't been round that long..

You'd have clicked the link.. and you'd have been rick rolled by yourself..



on the subject of things taking a while to come back around, it's amazing how Stumbleupon manages to pull things out of the bag from long ago!

Just saw the last comment here and it's dated from over a year ago!


And the post was from 2005!

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